Membership Benefits

Our membership benefits give you total peace of mind throughout your journey with us.

Accessible Care

It’s common knowledge that NHS services are overstretched. Waiting times are longer and GP appointments are shorter. This in turn puts stress and pressure on a patient, having to summarise their background and what might be a complex set of symptoms in a few minutes.

At Harvey Rhys, rest assured this won’t be the case. You’ll have fast, easy access to high quality healthcare. All year round. How and when you require it.

Continuity of Care

Fewer than half of patients regularly see their own GP. Traditional family doctors are sadly becoming a thing of the past. At Harvey Rhys you will have a doctor who knows you and your family. We do this through thorough and personalised appointments. Everyone one of our GP’s will understand you in the context of your lifestyle and family history.

Proactive Care

Our proactive care approach focuses on prevention rather than cure. This helps us get closer to our patients and work together with them more effectively to plan for the future.

Every member will receive thorough annual health checks so we can manage your health long-term. All Members 60 years of age and over receive these checks yearly.

Concierge Care

As a member, you’ll have direct access to a dedicated concierge devoted entirely to your assistance between the hours of 08:00AM – 6:00PM. Monday-Friday.

Concierge Care

Access to Secondary Care

Part of your long term continuity of care includes proactively managing any pre-existing conditions. As part of your membership, we will act as an advocate for your secondary care needs and referrals. These can be discussed further at your initial consultation.

Access to Secondary Care

Family Discounts Because We Care

At Harvey Rhys family care is everything to us. That’s why we offer free memberships for all children under 16.

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