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At Harvey Rhys you’re more than a number to us

At Harvey Rhys you’re more than a number to us. You’re never on the watch. Our GP appointments are as long as they need to be. We listen, we care, we make life easier by giving you the peace of mind that tomorrow is taken care of.

Why Go Private?

GP waiting times are getting longer. A private GP practice can offer a level of flexibility and convenience that is usually out of reach with conventional NHS GP services. They can also offer longer appointments meaning more time to really listen to any concerns.

In addition, a private GP has quicker access to secondary healthcare investigations and treatments, often with very little waiting times for referrals. Our Harvey Rhys GP’s work in conjunction with Spire Healthcare meaning we have fast access to getting diagnosis and treatment with leading UK specialists.

Why Go Private? Harvey Rhys

Why Harvey Rhys Appointments?

Being a small, family-owned, professional healthcare service allows us to get closer to our patients and provide you with the personalised, convenient, flexible service you deserve.

We want you to feel at ease with your doctor and our family practice is the ideal setting for this. Appointments can be face-to-face and virtual.

Personalised Care at Harvey Rhys

Book a FREE Discovery Call

There are multiple ways to book. You have the choice and flexibility to arrange your appointment by your preferred method. You have the option to speak to one of our patient advocates on 08433 202 900 or request an appointment through our online booking system.

Personal Concierge

Upon joining, members will also have the option to contact their own personal concierge directly who will arrange their appointment or anything else they need.

At Harvey Rhys it is always about flexibility and convenience whatever your chosen method of booking or sitting an appointment. You choose, we deliver – the best healthcare every time.


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